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  • The collecting and freezing process takes over an hour; however most of that time is spent in the lab.

  • Owners have the option of storing as many units as you choose. It is helpful to consider the number of units/vials you wish to freeze/store before arriving for your appointment.

  • The frozen semen is stored on the premises in liquid nitrogen storage tanks. Bitch owners who are interested in breeding need to contact the stud owner for breeding arrangements. Heartland Animal Center is not the owner of the semen and no breeding arrangements can be made without the semen owner's consent.

It is important to call 308-532-4880 a couple days in advance to make an appointment for collection and freezing as we need to be prepared for your arrival.

We perform semen freezing on Tuesday and Wednesday

  • The American Kennel Club (AKC) requires that any dog that has been collected for frozen semen must have a DNA profile on record. We have DNA collection kits and can perform this very simple and painless test during your appointment.

  • We also recommend permanent identification for your dog. We utilize the AKC Microchip.

  • Confirming Pregnancy: We have the ability to run a blood test to test for pregnancy on your dog. Your dog must be at least 32 days along in her pregnancy before we can run the blood test. We can also ultrasound for pregnancy confirmation. 

Frozen Semen Costs
  • File Preparation  $45.00

  • Collection, Evaluation, Freezing (6 vials)  $400.00

  • Annual Storage per dog (up to 30 vials)  $72.00

  • Brucellosis Test  $70.00

  • Total Base Fee for 6 Vials  $587.00

  • Additional Semen Collection (same visit)  $250.00

  • Additional Vial (freezing and processing)  $50.00 each

  • AKC required DNA Identification $60.00

Reproduction Services
Office Hours

 Check-In and Check Out Times

M-F 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Saturday - 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Sunday - Closed

Since 2005, Heartland Animal Center has been the International Canine Semen Bank of Nebraska (ICSB-NE). The process used by ICSB is recognized and approved by the American Kennel Club (AKC), United Kennel Club (UKC), American Field, and National Greyhound Association.

  • Our reproductive services team recognizes the commitment, emotional and financial investment, and pride involved in showing and breeding purebred dogs.  We provide state-of-the-art reproductive services, including breeding timing, insemination, same day progesterone testing, and semen collection. 

International Canine Semen Bank - Nebraska

** Please Note: Our semen bank does not sell semen, We only store it. **

Freezing  Semen
Ovulation Timing
  • Ovulation timing is highly critical to the breeding process when "mother nature" is not involved. It may be the most important aspect of breeding as it improves the conception rate. Ovulation timing allows us to know exactly when the most fertile period is and will have the greatest chance of producing the largest litter.

  • Ovulation timing is a combination of events and requires vigilance on the part of the owner.

  1. The first day of the bitch's season is critical so owners must be vigilant in tracking when the bitch comes into season. This first day is measured as the first day the bitch starts to spot. Use a white facial tissue to check for spotting every day when you know your bitch is getting close to coming into season.

  2. We will begin Progesterone testing around day 5 or 6 after the spotting starts in order to find a baseline.

  3. Progesterone testing will continue every other day to help us determine the day of ovulation.

  • Progesterone testing is a blood test that specifically measures the amount of Progesterone. The testing is done locally. 

  • If you plan on using chilled or frozen semen, it is important that you contact our office as soon as possible to discuss ovulation timing, shipping timetables, consent forms, etc. It takes a lot of coordination to have all the items in place when your bitch is ready to breed so it is never too early to line up all the requirements. 

  • Every bitch is different with their season/heat cycle and their fertile period can fall during any day within their heat cycle. Progesterone testing is the only assured measure of pinpointing the fertile period.

When the big day comes to breed your female, many considerations should be made. The method of insemination should be the first consideration:

  • Natural Breeding

  • Side-by-Side Artificial Insemination: Both the stud dog and the bitch must be present. Ovulation timing is helpful with this type of insemination.

  • Chilled Semen Insemination: This method involves semen that is "chilled" and then sent via overnight express to the location of the bitch. Ovulation timing is highly recommended for this insemination type to be successful.

  • Frozen Insemination: This method involves semen that has been frozen and stored in a location. Ovulation timing is extremely critical and mandatory with this type of insemination. Frozen semen is surgically implanted into the uterus directly through an abdominal incision. The optimal day for surgical implantation is determined by ovulation timing only. 

Chilled Semen
  • Chilled semen is shipped via FedEx or UPS Overnight. Remember that FedEx and UPS will not deliver on Sundays or holidays and so we must work to assure that semen arrives as close as possible to the height of the fertile period. Chilled semen is better to have too early than too late.

  • Chilled semen will involve costs for the special shipping kits, the overnight shipping, and the stud dog's veterinary costs of collecting as well as your veterinary costs to inseminate. Check to make sure the stud dog owner has the special shipping kits and that overnight shipping can be accomplished from their location.

  • If the stud owner needs the special chilled shipping kits, please contact our office as we can ship the kits ahead of time so the stud dog owner's veterinarian has them on hand. Most chilled breedings should be done twice about 24 to 48 hours apart so again, plan accordingly. Also, don't forget the progesterone tests for your girl.

  • Have a back-up plan in case the weather, a weekend or a holiday interferes with shipping.

  • Chilled breedings take the most coordination between all the parties so everyone must be flexible to accomplish this type of breeding.

Frozen Semen
  • Frozen semen is stored at a facility somewhere in the US or possibly overseas. It can be shipped anytime to our office so it can be waiting in our storage tank until your bitch comes into season therefore the weather, weekends and holidays do not play a role in the shipping coordination.

  • When frozen semen is released or shipped, it must be paid for and it is then "yours" essentially. You must still work with the stud owner to determine what guidelines you must follow when using the semen, the stud owner will need to sign off on any registration papers so be sure you understand any and all restrictions up front. Most stud owners will only release one insemination unit per breeding.

  • In addition to the stud fee, you will be charged a release fee for the frozen semen, the rental fee for the shipping tank, and the shipping costs of the nitrogen tank. Shipping costs are higher due to the size of the shipping container for frozen semen.  Don't forget the Progesterone tests, which are critical and mandatory.

  • Your veterinarian will also charge for the surgery required to implant the semen into the uterus.

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